Digital marketing has brought a revolution in online marketing and helped companies in establishing an improved relationship with their customers. According to the reports, the global digital marketing market size is expected to grow phenomenally in the coming years. Thus it is important to use the best marketing strategies to get more revenue within your business.
Marketing is the most crucial part of growing a business and if you look for truly powerful marketing strategies, then you must know the latest marketing stats as well.
Before discussing effective marketing strategies for businesses, let’s check some mind-blowing facts about digital marketing that will blow your mind.

    • More than 80% of businesses globally use social media for digital marketing. Today the majority of the businesses use different ways to promote business and incite sales. Using Digital marketing services is quite trending these days as social media is the place where the majority of the people have their presence and use the same platform to search for the recommendations they like.
    • Google Attracts 96% Smartphone Traffic and 94% Organic Traffic. Google dominates the search engine market and there is no second opinion about it. The usage of Google’s search engine has increased significantly post the advent of smartphones. Because of more organic traffic, Google helps generate 94% of global organic traffic. More businesses look for the Best Digital Marketing Company that helps them get more organic traffic.
    • Cash Flow for Global Mobile Ads expected to reach $250+ billion by 2022 end. Digital marketing is leading to mobile ads. More than 50% of the viewer’s turn their attention to their mobile devices during TV ad breaks.
    • Link Building is an important aspect of SEO. Link building is considered as the most important strategy to expand your digital presence. Through the link-building process, businesses can get a link back to their website via various channels. Links can be built through guest posting, social media marketing, and influencer marketing. Using the services of Best Digital Marketing Services helps you enjoy numerous benefits in this digital world.
    • SEO Lead Generation Provides a Higher Conversion Rate. All businesses need to understand that SEO if done in an impactful way, can help get a conversion rate of almost 15%. As compared to the traditional lead generation methods like direct mail, cold calling, etc. which gives a conversion rate of just 2%, SEO Lead generation provides a much higher conversation rate.

How to create an effective Digital Media Strategy for 2022?

A digital media strategy is an ongoing process that businesses follow to get more organic traffic. Essentially, this kind of advertising is followed to maximize the opportunity to gain organic traffic from search engines.
In this blog, we have posted the most effective marketing strategies that the greatest brands follow to enjoy higher sales and revenues. These marketing tactics not only helps get more business but are based on the latest technological advancements for marketing your brand.

    • Set a realistic Goal and a Budget
    • Build Your Influence
    • Leveraging Employees as a Team
    • Using One Social Channel
    • Build Email Strategy
    • Blog Strategically
    • Do Research That Impacts Your SEO
    • Refer to your Competitors
    • Survey, Listen, and Learn
    • Reconsider Your Landing Pages
    • Stand for Something
    • Leverage Social Media Advertising
    • Leverage Google’s Local Offerings
    • Prioritize Your Retention
    • Target Your Audience
    • Explore Tie-ups
    • Interact with Your Audience
    • Promote a Free Consultation

We are presently living in the digital era where online presence is equivalent to having a cup of coffee each morning, something which we can’t afford to miss. Social media has become part of our routine, and as we advance to new technologies, we will become more connected to these technologies than ever before.
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